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John Lennon video for “You Are Here” features unseen 1968 footage of Lennon, Yoko Ono

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A new John Lennon music video has been released to accompany a new “Ultimate Mix” version of his solo song “You Are Here,” a love ballad that Lennon wrote for his future wife, Yoko Ono. The video features previously unseen 1968 footage of Lennon and Ono at the opening of his “You Are Here (To Yoko From John Lennon, With Love)” art exhibit at the Robert Fraser Gallery in London. You Are Here is taken from Lennon’s 1973 album ‘Mind Games’ which will be reissued in deluxe form on July 12.  John and Yoko’s son, Sean Ono Lennon, produced the new mix of the track.

The You Are Here (To Yoko From John Lennon, With Love)” art exhibit opened on July 1, 1968, and was Lennon’s first major art show, featuring a bare gallery with a series of collection boxes for various charities leading visitors to a white canvas with the words “you are here” written on it by Lennon. As part of the show, Lennon released 365 white helium-filled balloons in which tags were attached telling those who discovered them to send a message to John via the gallery sharing their address and where they were found. Lennon then sent back a personal letter along with a “you are here” button.

The video footage featured on ‘You Are Here’ captures Lennon preparing for the show and footage from the event itself.  Lennon once said: “‘You Are Here’ – that’s more than just a joke, I suppose. People read it and suddenly realize it’s true. ‘Yes, I’m here,’ they think. ‘So are these other people. We’re all here together.’ And that’s where the vibrations start being exchanged. Good and bad ones according to who is sending out and how they feel.”

The ultimate mix of “You Are Here” is the second advance track to be released from the Mind Games reissue. The first was the “Evolutionary Documentary” version of the album’s title track, which presented how the song evolved from the demo stage to the final master. Only 1,100 copies of the limited-edition Super Deluxe release will be available worldwide.

Check out the video for ‘You Are Here’ – here.

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