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Roger Waters announces release of ‘The Dark Side of the Moon Redux’ as solo album

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Roger Waters announced he has re-recorded Pink Floyd‘s ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon’ and will release his version as his own solo album. The reimagined album titled ‘The Dark Side of the Moon Redux’ will coincide with the original LP’s 50th anniversary.

‘The Dark Side of the Moon Redux’ was produced by the former Pink Floyd bassist along with Gus Seyffert, with a studio band (comprised of Seyffert, Joey Waronker, Jonathan Wilson, Johnny Shepherd and Jon Carin) used to record the tracks. Other Pink Floyd members including guitarist David Gilmour and drummer Nick Mason did not take part in the re-recording.

Waters shared via a press release: “The original ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ feels in some ways like the lament of an elder being on the human condition. But Dave, Rick, Nick, and I were so young when we made it, and when you look at the world around us, clearly the message hasn’t stuck. That’s why I started to consider what the wisdom of an 80 year old could bring to a reimagined version. When I first mentioned the idea of re-recording ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’ to Gus and Sean we all thought I was mad, but the more we considered it, the more we thought, ‘Isn’t that the whole point?’ I’m immensely proud of what we have created, a work that can sit proudly alongside the original, hand-in-hand across a half-century of time.”

The lead single ‘Money’ has been reinterpreted by Waters into an acoustic track.  You can take a listen – here.

The Dark Side of the Moon Redux’ is set for release on October 6th; to pre-order, head here.

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