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Alice Cooper and Tom Morello team up for ‘White Line Frankenstein’

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Alice Cooper has released “White Line Frankenstein” featuring Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello, who also co-wrote the song. “White Line Frankenstein” is the latest song from Cooper’s upcoming album Road.

Cooper shared the inspiration for the track: “If you’re a truck driver who’s been out there a long time, you rule the road. In the song, this surreal tough guy is driving on white lines for his whole life, and he’s probably doing white lines. So, ‘White Line Frankenstein’ would be his CB handle. It’s monstrous and definitely a stage song.”

“White Line Frankenstein” is the second song released from Cooper’s 29th album Road, following the previously released  “I’m Alice.”  Cooper said he wanted the new album to showcase his veteran musicians. “I wanted to show off the touring band, so we wrote songs, went in the studio, and I said, ‘Here’s the deal on this album: no overdubs.’  I said, ‘Everything has to be done in the studio live because the whole idea of this album is showing off how good this band is live.’ So when you hear this album, it sounds like a studio album, but it’s actually them playing live in the studio.”

Road drops on Aug. 25; you can pre-order the LP here.
Take a look at the video for “White Line Frankenstein” – here.

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