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R.E.M. teams up with FX’s ‘The Bear’ in new video for ‘Strange Currencies (Remix)’

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R.E.M. has partnered with FX’s hit show The Bear to drop a music video for the “Strange Currencies (Remix).” The remix comes from a deluxe 25th-anniversary box set of ‘Monster’, released in 2019. R.E.M.’s music is featured heavily throughout much of the new second season of The Bear. The video for Strange Currencies (Remix) combines footage from R.E.M.’s Road Movie (which chronicles their 1995 tour), as well as clips from The Bear.

According to the press release, three different versions of “Strange Currencies” appear throughout the season — including the 1994 original, the 2019 remix, and an unearthed demo. Vocalist Michael Stipe shared in a statement: “’The Bear’ is hands down my favorite show of last year – I cannot wait to dive into episodes for Season 2. Having incorporated R.E.M. songs into their universe makes it even sweeter. The best people at any party are always in the kitchen!” Bassist Mike Mills added: “I’m so glad ‘The Bear’ exists. It has become one of my favorite TV shows, and I can’t wait to watch more of it.”

Check out R.E.M.’s video for “Strange Currencies (Remix)” here.

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