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Slipknot shares videos for two tracks off new EP ‘Aderall’

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Slipknot shared two new music videos off their surprise six-song EP, Adderall. The videos are for the tracks “Memories (Adderall – Rough Demo)” and “Death March,” both directed by Slipknot percussionist Shawn “Clown” Crahan. Clown said of the new EP and videos in a statement: “Deconstructing to continuously pave the way for evolution. At this point in the program, nothing is safe.”

The Adderall EP features reworkings/alternate versions of the band’s song “Adderall,” as well as the non-LP tracks “Death March,” “Red or Redder” and “Hard to Be Here.” The original version of “Adderall” is on Slipknot’s most recent album, 2022’s The End, So Far. You can stream Slipknot’s Aderall EP – here.

Slipknot’s lineup has change of late; Clown is sitting out the band’s current shows to be with his wife, who is suffering from undisclosed health issues. Slipknot also recently parted ways with keyboardist Craig Jones, who had been a member of the veteran metal act since 1996.  A mystery new member has already taken Jones’ place, having played the band’s European tour kickoff at the Nova Rock festival in Austria.

Watch the music videos for:
“Memories (Adderall – Rough Demo)”here; and
“Death March”here.

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